Broadcast & Video Production

From whiteboard to reality.

360 Filmworks is an award-winning, full service Arkansas-based broadcast and video production company that also happens to be our production partner inside the agency. From online videos to television campaigns, 360 Filmworks serves local, regional and national brands, delivering their story to the world through visually compelling content. When it comes to video production companies in Arkansas, we are the go-to team for strong collaboration and solid results. We listen to and respect client ideas, requests and concerns. We abide by the principle that there’s always more than one solution to any problem. And we don’t rest until everyone is satisfied.

Our video production process comes in three stages:

  1. Discovery: This is the time we listen and learn. Our clients know their products and services better than anyone so we want to learn from you, and then do a bit of our own homework. We’ll talk audience, tone, budget, challenges and goals.
  2. Concepting: After we understand your goals and the assignment, we will begin to develop concepts. Written or moving treatments will be created to define the story and stylistic approach. These visual treatments will help us all get a better understanding of how the final product will look and feel. We’ll take a look at our options together and narrow them down to the strongest one in the bunch.
  3. Production: This is where all of our pre-production efforts pay off. It’s time to execute a well thought out creative plan. Whether the project calls for one man with a camera or a large scale production crew, we have the equipment and personnel to handle any job. At times, the production phase calls for no cameras at all. We love producing animated pieces and stories that rely heavily on motion graphics. But making these productions run smoothly calls for just as much work on the front end as a full scale film production. Sometimes even more!
We’ll guide you through each of these stages during the entire process, ensuring you are fully involved every step of the way. We can produce something from concept to creation, or you can bring us a more developed idea and we’ll make it move. However you use our services, our goal is to make sure we all have a great experience and together, create something amazing. Want to learn more about our production capabilities? Contact us now!